Ambassador Athlete Sponsorships

We suggest taking a moment to think about where you are & where you'd like to go.

Individuals may be signed up for an event (say you were one of the lucky people drawn for the Chicago Marathon) and you are looking area charity to raise funds for while training. Sign up as an RHF Fundraiser Ambassador and we will set you up with a personal fundraising page, provide your an ambassador shirt to spread the Rylan's Hope love and cheer you on as you go for your goal!

Team Event Entry Ambassadors are interested in taking part in our team event (MadTown Twilight 5k or 10k) and fundraising! We cover the entry into the event!

If you are a runner or triathlon that would like assistance covering registration fees for one reason or another, we've got your back! Choose one of our Ambassador Athlete Sponsorships (One, Two or Three) and we will cover your entry into our team event in addition to the sponsorship amount selected. Your commitment to us, spread the word during race season about Rylan's Hope and our mission while raising your fundraising commitment!

Last but not least, our "In for the Fun" Ambassadors are looking for camaraderie and the chance to be part of the Rylan's Hope mission. These Ambassadors may be volunteers, cheerleaders or someone looking for a team environment to join in any way they can. {Running or Walking definitely not a necessity}.


RHF Fundraiser | $0

RHF Team Event Entry | $50

Athlete Sponsorship & Charity fundraiser ONE | $125 

Athlete Sponsorship & Charity fundraiser TWO | $350

Athlete sponsorship & Charity fundraiser THREE | $750

"In for the fun" | None

Charity Fundraising Commitment 

Our Ambassadors want to make their goals & miles matter.

Whether its swimming, biking, running, or walking (or anything else) they are ready to bust their athletic and fundraising goals


RHF Fundraiser | Set your own goal!

RHF Team Event Entry | $125 min.

Athlete Sponsorship & Charity fundraiser ONE | $400 min.

Athlete Sponsorship & Charity fundraiser TWO | $1500 min.

Athlete sponsorship & Charity fundraiser THREE | $2500 min.

"In for the fun" | None

Our Ambassadors don't stop at fundraising for Rylan's Hope Foundation. They are open to sharing their athletic journey on social media {the triumphs & the tribulations}. 

When they aren't training, fundraising and spreading awareness on social media they are volunteering on behalf of RHF in the community. 

Together, we are an inspiring community trying to spread love to others; working their butts off to make the world a better place for families with children with disabilities!! 

Perks for Our Ambassadors

2018 Rylan's Hope Apparel Credit

  • RHF Fundraiser Only & RHF Team Event Only [$20]  
  • All Athlete Sponsorship Levels [$60]

 One Team Event Entry | All Ambassadors | $50 value

  • MadTown Twilight 5k or 10k 

Athlete Sponsorships | Race Entry Funds

  • Level 1 up to $125 | Level 2 up to $350 | Level 3 up to $750

Personal Fundraising Page & Guidance

Rylan's Hope Car Decal

Private Facebook Group {share the love here!}

Fun Team Events & Workshops

How do I apply to become a sponsored Rylan's Hope Foundation Ambassador? Click Here