2018 Ambassador Application

Interested in applying to be an Ambassador for Rylan's Hope Foundation in 2018, it's as easy as filling out the application below! 

2018 Application

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Below please indicate which Ambassador Sponsorship Level you're applying for in 2018. | This is where you tell us how we can help you make your goals a reality!
Each 2018 ambassador will receive entry into one of the Rylan's Hope Foundation team events. Choose yours below!
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Literally anything. We love to have people that are driven socially, professionally & physically. Success starts from the choice to try!
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2018 Ambassador Fundraising Commitment | This is where you agree to help us raise money for children with disabilities ;) Fundraiser Only | Set your own goal! Team Entry Only | $125 Athlete Sponsorship & Charity Fundraiser One | $400 Athlete Sponsorship & Charity Fundraiser Two | $1500 Athlete Sponsorship & Charity Fundraiser Three | $2500 "In For The Fun!" | None
You get a personal page from us but do you have some other great ideas to help you raise $$ while having fun?