Rylan's Hope - Family Grant Application

We understand that parents do all they can to provide their children everything that the world has to offer them. We also understand that when families have children with disabilities it can take double the effort and double the financial resources to give their child those things. That is why we are here! 

Has your family ever been told that your child cannot receive funds for a new chair because they should not have grown that tall until they were such and such age? So now you have to spend hours making calls and advocating for your child just to receive a support that fits their new height! 

Or are you the parent that has been waiting... and waiting... and waiting... (one more for good measure)... and waiting for those precious county respite funds because you need a specially trained someone to watch your child so you can make those phone calls to advocate for that new chair that you've been denied?

Although we do not provide that specially-trained someone for your family, we can provide you with short-term funds so you can pay that someone to make that call or do that laundry or get those groceries or have coffee, alone, because that nev-er hap-pens! 

And those are just the beginning.

It is our mission, at Rylan's Hope Foundation, to provide grants to families that have children with disabilities that are struggling to overcome financial hurdles. Be it, getting funds together for that specialized chair you've been denied (twice!), paying an agency for respite care, paying for that therapy that insurance doesn't cover, we are here to help! 

Question about our Family Grants? Email: info@rylanshope.org

The application is pretty straight-forward... In fact, all you do is  fill out the form below and one of our board members will be in contact with you.

We are excited that you found us!